Our vision here at David Stearman Ministries is to go "where God's light is seen dim, His voice is heard small, and His power is not known; even to the uttermost bounds of the Earth."

Jesus urged His followers to "Go therefore and teach all nations." And David and Diane are working toward the fulfillment of that Commission, through music and the written and spoken word, in countries like Peru, France, Estonia, Mexico, Andorra, the Caymans, Grenada, the Canary Islands, St. Lucia, and the Philippines. 

But it’s not about the places, it’s about the people. Human need knows no boundaries. Loneliness, lack, sickness, and strife can be found anywhere from the banks of the Amazon to the beaches of the French Riviera. 

People need the Lord. That’s why this ministry exists--to bring hope to the hopeless by connecting people to Jesus Christ, Who alone has the power to meet every need.

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