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Folks have been asking me for a guitar-and-vocal only album for years now, since that's the way I perform in concerts. But I must confess I've resisted the idea, mainly because most of us--singers, I mean--don't feel all that great about the way we sound without a band. (Unless you're like, Celine Dion.) But whatever, I finally went for it, and I'll have to admit it turned out pretty well. So here it is: a gentle "unplugged" album with a sweet anointing for those of you who prefer homegrown, organic music.
This one was born in the '90s and influenced by time spent on the mission fields in France, The Philippines, and Latin America. Folks seem to particularly enjoy a couple of the Mexican-flavored licks...
Cannes features an up-to-date sound seasoned with a touch of county and a pinch of light grunge. This is a good album for both Pop and New Country fans, or anyone else who enjoys unpretentious, earthy tunes.
Yes in Him, produced during the '80s, is a real faith pumper; the natural outflow of a series of miracle services I held on the road during that period. The production is electronic, sparse, simple, and laced with those chorused-guitars, DX keyboards, and syn-drums that were so popular at the time. But old-school stylings aside, if I were forced to face an army of Philistines with nothing but a spear and a song, I'd choose my tune from this album's playlist.
This album is a product of the late '70s/early '80s, and yet, amazingly, sounds almost as if it were recorded yesterday. Full, high-quality production and faith-filled tunes characterize this offering as an almost made for iPod product. Musically speaking, I'm probably prouder of this particular album than of any other. As a bonus, it features some other popular CCM artists of the day, such as Ferrell and Ferrell, Stephanie Boosahda, and the jazz great John Patitucci. From a spiritual perspective, it's a confession of Christian conviction and unbridled faith.

Brand New Day
Flyin' Away
God is Everywhere
Simple Things
Sacrifice of Praise
With One Voice
The Earth is the Lord's
Make Us One
All I Ever Really Needed
Jesus Healed Them All
There is a Way
God Made mthe Beach
Dieu Est Bon
Somewhere it's Snowing

Friends in High Places
The Streets of Cannes
Build it on the Rock
The Dog Barks
Life Got in the Way
Oaxaca Days
No Haga Problemas
The Bottom of the Sea
Red and I


We'll Be Together Forever
Exceeding Great and Precious Promises
Spinner of Hopes, Weaver of Dreams
Silver Wings
Somewhere it's Snowing
Bloom Where's You're Planted
Long, long Way
Faith is Something You Do
You Bring out the Best in Me

Yes in Him
The Gospel's Been Good News to Me
When I Lift My Hands
Dry Bones
Jesus Healed Them All (Duet w/Dina Geer)
The Power of the Lord is Present to Heal
God's Not Finished with You
This is That
In the Presence of the Lord
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