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I still remember when the world opened up to me. As a young Christian, I longed to obey the Great Commission, but lacked the knowledge and means to do it. And yet during that time, teachers, (thank God for the teachers!), shared principles that empowered me to spend the next thirty-five years sharing God’s love in many nations. Since then, equipping young believers to go into all the world has become the beat of my heart.  

I’ll be heading to Hamburg, Germany on March 20th to play a part in helping Rhema Europe train up a new generation of world-changers. God is doing something special on the European Continent these days. He’s lighting up the place, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Would you be interested in helping me train these young leaders? Any seed you might sow will make a difference, not only in the lives of those we teach, but also in the hearts they reach.

If you’d like to help, you can send your offering to David Stearman Ministries International, PO Box 764, Mainville, OH, or easier yet, just punch the "Donate" button below.
Thank you so much anything you can do! Together, we can a difference in many lives.