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I'm especially excited about this particular outreach: John and Laura Madan, directors of Rhema France and Rhema Switzerland, (subsidiaries of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Ok), have invited me to come teach their students on missions. This fits in perfectly with the way God’s been leading me lately, as my anointing seems to be leaning toward training young ministers the things I’ve learned in my 25 years of foreign ministry.

When I saw pictures of John and Laura’s bright-eyed students, my heart was truly moved. Here were young European men and women, from lands we Americans consider mission fields in themselves, longing to learn how to take the Gospel to rest of the world. In addition to teaching them, I’ll also be holding some evangelistic concerts and ministering to believers in area churches.

I’m going in Mid-March, and asking for you to consider sowing something toward this trip. Our friends and partners are directly responsible for all that’s taken place via our ministry throughout the years. In the same way, any special gift you or your church might like to sow toward this outreach could produce lasting for the Kingdom. Just click the “Donate” tab below if you’re interested in helping.

Again, I’m very excited. My heart beats to share with these young ministry students, as well as encourage our French and Swiss brothers and sisters. 

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