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It's been a while since we've been out of the country, as this Covid thing has shut down churches, and even some countries, worldwide. But thank God, a few places are beginning to open back up now, and Mexico is one of them. So halleluiah, Diane and I are headed back to the Banderas Bay region of Western Mexico, where the people are hungry for God, the harvest is ripe, and the Holy Spirit is moving. 

Once there, we'll be working with longtime friend and co-laborer Saúl Gonzáles Rivero, who leads some 50 churches scattered up and down the Banderas Bay's 300-mile coastline. 

We'll be arriving on June 14th to evangelize the lost and encourage believers in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, which are home to a multitude of colorful and charming people who are hungry for God and searching for meaning in life. 

I also want to minister to young leaders while I'm there. Amazingly, Saúl himself was only a child when Diane and I first visited this area. Since then, he and a numbers of others of his age group have become pastors, leaders, and even missionaries. Who knows who might be sitting in the audience when we minister there this time? I expect this trip to make lasting differences in peoples’ lives.

Would you be interested in helping us minister to the precious people of the Banderas Bay region? You can contribute on our "Donate" page. Thank so much for helping us help others.
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